(One on One) Vlogging Consultation Packages

Creating video blogs is a powerful way to reach lots of ideal clients with your message…daily, weekly or monthly.  Susan Schenk of “Beyond Ok” and “Technology and Tools for Kids” shares her experience working with Sugar C’s Carole Parsons Schafer

3 sessions 3 guaranteed video blogs 

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If you’ve purchased all the equipment you need to begin or have always wanted to have your own video blog but still haven’t created a single frame? …we will take your hand and help you get started with the following.  You’ll have one on one coaching through Zoom where (Through a series of coaching sessions) we will create actual vlogs that you can upload to your social media channel.

What You’ll Get…

Session 1: (90 Minutes) Includes 30 minutes intake, review of equipment, taking a look at your set and chatting about your brand.  You’ll get some homework to complete for next session

Session 2: (60 Minutes) Review of Homework and Begin Recording.  You’ll have 1 working Vlog for Social Media by the end of this session.

Session 3: (60 Minutes)  Critique, practice and recording.  You’ll have 2 more working Video Blogs by the end of this session.

Some of the Topics covered in our sessions are:

Where to find content:  Are you normally a wealth of knowledge but draw a blank about what you want to put out into the world…We will brainstorm topics that reflect you and your brand.
Tips on Lighting, Sound and Set:  Do you need help figuring out the most flattering light, how to get the best sound and figure out just how to set up your blogging set?  Since we do a lot of video *on the fly* we can help you optimize what you have.
Uploading your vlog to YouTube and Facebook:  If you have created your video files, have them ready on your computer and are asking….now what?  We can instruct you on the best way to upload to YouTube and Facebook.
Boosting your Facebook vlog:  Looking to pay a little to get a lot more from your Facebook vlog?  We’ll help you select the criteria that will help you get the most for your marketing dollars.  Reaching your ideal client.
E-mail support available for 1 month after vlog:  Afraid you’ll be on your own with no help?  No way!  We are here to give you a hand any way we can for 1 month after the consultation.