Is Vlogging (Video Blogging) Really Necessary?

The Question Now …isn’t

“Why is video good for my business?”

There are enough people and statistics out there explaining the value of video.  If you’ve somehow been hiding under a rock and haven’t heard of the benefits, here is a brief recap:

Video IS…

  • 1.   Beneficial for auditory, visual and movement/touch people alike.
  • 2.   A way that you can highlight your brand, personality and face to your target market
  • 3.   Favoured by Social Media platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • 4.   Easy to consume for those with little time or energy
  • 5.   Entertaining
  • 6.   A Popular way to be searched. Google ranks video “as important” as text.
  • 7.   Improving the rates of people clicking through onto your website by 200%
  • 8.  Growing!  A Cisco study predicts that as of now 69% of all consumer internet traffic is video

Now that it’s not about *why* to provide video but more like “How am I going to create it?”  “Where am I going to use it?” and “What information will I provide to my customers?”

And since there are so many ways to incorporate video in your business marketing plan it can be overwhelming to choose what to do.

That’s why I’d like to suggest a relatively inexpensive and effective method for speakers, coaches, solopreneurs, small business owners and sales professionals or anyone that wants to *get out there through video*.

rapt audience

Vlogging or Video Blogging essentially allows you to speak directly to your audience about anything that impassions you.

“Why?”  You ask.

“Why would anyone care what I have to say?”  Well…People care about people.  Period!

When you arrive on the screen and tell “your truth” in whatever way you do (this can be your *opinion* or a *how to*) there will be customers that *get* you. 

There will be people that like and identify with your information, your personality and this lets them identify with you.


If Video Blogging is done consistently enough it organically creates a community.  The best news is Social Media not only allows for you to broadcast to that community but also lets you listen, measure and engage with them.  Who, in business, doesn’t want a captive audience?

So then…If you know you need to incorporate video into your marketing plan but haven’t already…consider vlogging.

It works folks!  It really does!

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