What is Video Marketing

Watch this video clip to understand the basic elements in Video Marketing.

I’m here to talk to you a little bit about Video Marketing.

Sugar C Media is a video production company that specializes in Video Marketing.

And a lot of people are just not sure what that is.

Video Marketing has 4 Main Elements it’s Body

1. Create a promotional video for services or a product to upload to the internet

2.  Video Marketers will then place that video up on a high traffic site such as YouTube in order to garner a larger audience

3.  Those videos are placed with keywords to give it a greater chance of being seen on these sites.  Titles and descriptions are very important too.

4.  Create a strategy (actually this should be the first step so that you can create the best types of video and other content)  It’s not just about producing a video anymore.  it’s getting it out there.  Getting it seen by the right people giving it much more value.

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