Social Media Glossary

Here is a  that your kids didn’t tell you about that internet chat “thingy”
for your business. But you really need to know.
Social Media
This term refers to any online technology that lets people publish, chat and share
their content online whether it be video, audio, text or images. Most common
platforms (channels) are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but there are many
others that fit this definition as well.
Social Media Marketing
This is essentially the ‘online’ version of ‘word of mouth’ marketing. A concept
that relies on getting people excited about a product or service so they will share
with friends and family who then share with their friends….and so on. And this
usually takes place on Social Media channels and your website.
WordPress Website
A Website is an online “home” for all the information related to your business.
Your products, services, pricing and methods to contact you to name a few. A
Wordpress Website allows you to make much of the content changes yourself so
that you can update your own website as you would a word or excel document.
SEO: Search Engine Optimization
This is the process of adding “keywords” to your website (and in some cases
Social Channels) which are words you believe people are using to find you to
your web site. Using SEO gives your website the best chance to be seen when
someone searches for your relative information / topic.
A link is the highlighted text that points to another location either within the same
site or to another place with content. Linking is a version of sharing content or
giving credit to original authors. Back-Links (links of others you share on your
site) also help your website with SEO.
You need more content they tell you! So what exactly are “they” telling you?
What is this magical content of which they speak?
Content is the stuff that fills up your social media channels such as Facebook,
Twitter, etc . It can come in the form of blogs, videos, articles, tweets, pictures,
posts, pins….whatever your social media platform you use, each one requires a
text, audio, video or an image to share with the world.
You can either link from other people’s content or create original content (that
which you (or someone you hire) creates just for your business/brand/).
By now you’ve heard the term “blog” in all mediums these days. Simply, a blog is
an on-line journal on any subject. The most successful ones are those that are
updated on a regular basis. Readers will generally give feedback and share via
their social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.
Blogs can also contain pictures and links to other relative sites that relate to the
topic of your blog. As a general rule, blogs are not more than 300 words as they
are designed to grab a reader’s short attention.
As a side note, Vlogs (or video blogs) are on-line journals created with video
instead of being written are often shared on YouTube which is seen as the
largest video hosting site in the on-line world. Both Blogs and Vlogs are forms of
For those that have never used the social platform “Twitter” we understand the
lingo can be a little daunting and well…darn right confusing. So lets explain.
A tweet is simply writing a thought or an idea to people using only 140 characters
(numbers, letters, those special symbols on your keyboard). You can also use
your 140 characters to share links to other content. The idea is that your Tweet is
“engaging” enough that people what to write back to you or “Retweet” (share) it
with others.
This just means to *put up* *add to* or to share on a social media platform.
Typically this is referenced in Facebook and LinkedIn. You can post tweets,
blogs, pictures, Facebook status’….etc. Try to write our or plan your post in
advance rather than on the fly as it may become difficult to remove a post the
longer its been online.
This is this act of offering other people online the use of your text, images, video
by linking or posting directly to a social media platform such as Facebook or
Twitter. A video being shared multiple times across multiple platforms can also
be defined as a video going viral.

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