Put yourself “out there” and they will come!

Repeat after me: I am interesting, I am worthy, and gosh darn it people want to get to know me!

As a brand or persona, this is what we must repeat to ourselves.

Who are the most interesting people on Facebook and Twitter? Who do YOU want to follow and get to know?

I can tell you who did not pop up in your mind. It’s the people who are not putting themselves out there. They have no blogs, they have no personal pictures of them in “action” and they aren’t telling their story.

How are you supposed to relate to a brand or persona who isn’t putting themselves out there?

It’s a personal and human connection we CRAVE, especially in an era where our friends and family do not live in the same town anymore.

People are interested in what you or your business is doing. If you are taking the time and energy to put yourself out there, there will be people that connect with you.

From Mickey Mouse to A List!
From Mickey Mouse to A List!

Let us take Ryan Gosling as an example. Shane Snow made a connection with Ryan, not from watching his movies, but by reading his personal story. He read about Ryan’s struggles, how he began and then Shane wanted to watch his movies from then on!

The people that connect with you will likely want to go to your shows, see your work, become clients and buy your product.

Check out the Sugar C Team in action!
Check out the Sugar C Team in action!

So when you’re having fun at work, take some pictures. If you have a charity event you’re attending; talk about it, take pictures of yourself at it, and then blog it! Tweet that you’re having a hilariously bad Monday. Write a blog about how your business got started. Tweet and Facebook before and after pictures of a service you provided!

Get yourselves out there, connect with people, and watch your following become more interested in YOU!

Because you are interesting, you are worthy and gosh darn it people want to get to know you.

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