Are You Creating the Wrong Video?

Do you ever wonder why the video production expert asks you where your video will eventually end up?

Did you know that the different social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Linked In and Instagram are desiged and marketed to different crowds?

For instance … Let’s Review some of the differences between Youtube and Facebook video

1.   Facebook video is short.  Under one min is awesome and definitely no more than 2 minutes. It’s designed to shake the audiences hand and smile or rant to get some attention…Building relationships along the way.

YouTube video can sometimes be an hour long.  It has lots of information for a good reason.  The longer a video is watched…the higher it ranks for the google gods.

2.   Your FaceBook video isn’t easily searchable.  Facebook video is meant to live on Facebook, however, it’s packaged and delivered nicely to your friends.

By contrast YouTube is still the largest search engine behind Google for content.  Kinda made sense that Google ate (bought) YouTube up.  YouTube video is archivable, searchable and evergreen.

3.   You can only track the benefits of Facebook video if you place it on a Facebook *page*.  However, the ability to measure that video’s success is relatively easy and quite detailed. 

On the other hand you can upload a video to YouTube and be able to measure it from anywhere. You immediately have the ability to view your statistics on each video.  The measurability is extensive but can be a little harder to read.  Once you know how to though…it’s a fantastic tool!  By the way, there’s a YouTube video to learn how.

4.   When video lives on Facebook….it’s the property of FaceBook.  You get no compensation (other than ranking) for high engagement and views. 

Whereas YouTube video that performs well (with a high number of views) gives you an opportunity to get paid for that video.  YouTube essentially rewards you for helping them stay relevant.

5.   Finally.  FaceBook makes it easier to engage your video post through likes and shares. If you’re looking for an easy way to communicate with your viewers…this is the place to go.

But if you’re creating video for the right people to see it…when they are ready, YouTube is your place.

So you see both Facebook and YouTube have value but need very different types of video.   

Consult with your local video marketing specialist (We would be happy to help) to find out more information about making video for other social media platforms.  

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