Cell Phone Video: Getting the Best Lighting

I’m here to talk to you about the best cell phone video you can make.

You know in Social Media that video is on the rise so don’t you want to have the best video ever.

Today We are going to talk to you about lighting.

The lighting you get for the video on your cell phone is huge.

The censors in these little video cameras are small.  They don’t allow as much light in as much as a professional camera would.

This is why you are going to go look for the most light that you possibly can.

And where is that?    That’s outside.  Natural daylight outside has the best full spectrum which means it has the best colour and the most light.  If you can…shoot with your natural light outside.

Of course if you’re indoors and you can’t access that full daylight…look for a window to light your subject.  But do not place your subject in front of the window (shooting towards the subject).

It’s best to shoot your subject with your subject facing the window and you (as the shooter) with your back to the window.

What happens if are indoors and you have no windows and/or it’s nighttime?  You are going to flip the switch of every light you can find.  Go get lamps and take off the lampshades and use the full gamut of light from those bulbs.

That’s how you maximize the lighting for your cell phones.  Now go out there and shoot away.

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