Blogging with Lists is a thing of Beauty

Let’s make a list about why writing informational lists works for your Blog!

1. You can catch people on the go
That person checking on their Twitter or Facebook during their subway or bus commute can check out your blog even with one or two stops left until they depart.

2. Short attention spans
Most of us (including me) are guilty of having a short attention span in this go go go world of Social Media. Cater to this with your approachable list.

3. Getting the gist out there
It is really hard to skim some blogs and get all the information that was intended. There have been times when I started reading and felt very engaged and interested. A paragraph or two down I get a little, “over it,” and won’t finish reading. Sometimes you just need to get the point across or you lose the reader.

4. Easy to read
Lists are remarkably easy on the eyes!

5. It makes clicking on a blog less daunting
“Oh, this is a list of 10 things or less? You are totally clicking on it,” says my brain to my fingers.

I love lists. I love making them, I love reading them and I sure do love following them. What a wonderful way to organize and share your thoughts or information. If you enjoy lists as much as I do, check out Listverse to satisfy that craving.

Bloggers go out and create lists, wonderful, beautiful lists!

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