Getting Better Audio on Your Cell Phone Video

How to get the best cell phone audio!

I’m here to talk to you about how to get the best cell phone video that you possibly can.

How *Do* you optimize your audio on a cell phone?

Your cell phone’s microphone is not so great (Now you *can* purchase external microphones to enhance the quality)

Here are some tips to help:

  1.   really have to take precautions.  How many times have you heard the shooter of the video’s voice over the subject.  So as the camera person your first suggestion is “ try to be quiet”.  Remember ….quiet.  Turn your camera on and shoot.
  2. Be as close as you can to your subject.  That eliminates or at least gets rid of some of the outside noise.  This includes when shooting yourself.  Selfie sticks are great if they allow you to be close enough to the microphone.
  3. Next thing is…Wind.  In my cell phone with lighting video I suggested that you go outside to optimize for light.  But guess what’s outside…wind.  The microphone on your cell phone is very vulnerable to wind.  Our suggestion is to find the most sheltered spot (beside a building or a tree) or if you have friends that can shelter your camera with a jacket while you are shooting.

That’s our tips on audio.  Now go shoot some video for your social media content.

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