Barrie Fit

First Season of Barrie Fit Officially Launched on Bell Fibe Channel 1 TV Jan 16th/2017

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About Barrie Fit

Sugar C’s owner, Carole Schafer, passionately began a video blog 4 years ago about her own health journey. In the spring of 2016 the licence was signed with Bell FibeTV1 to produce a show that highlighted the core elements of the journey….  Food, Fitness and Wellness.

What is the show all about?

Carole takes her TV1 viewers on a fun, fact finding tour of health, food and wellness around Barrie and Simcoe County in Ontario, Canada.

In each episode Carole will outline and showcase some outstanding, not always-so-traditional things to keep the body moving and eating well in the Barrie area. Each episode will feature 2 separate segments on Fitness, Wellness and Food. She will host and participate in a wide variety of fitness classes, wellness activities and explore healthy foods from various local chefs and nutritional experts. Viewers will learn about places they may never have heard of before or discover treatment options they never knew existed in the Barrie area. Watch as she uncovers the best alternative, quirky and most effective ways to stay healthy in our region. With Carole’s vibrant personality, follow her personal journey of keeping a balanced body throughout 50 years of her life and pursue her vow to help make herself and her viewers Barrie Fit.

Carole answers “Why did I Create Barrie Fit”?
I’m 50 years young and have always strived to find balance in health and wellness. And in that journey, I have learned that it really is about loving what you’re doing and learning about what real food is. I enjoy all sorts of simple physical activities from a leisurely walk to dancing the night away, to more demanding ones such as Tai Chi to a rigorous volleyball game and I wanted to showcase to people that anyone with the desire can do these activities too! That you don’t have to lose weight to start. You can begin where you are. I also live with a huge passion for healthy, non-chemical local food so it’s my pleasure to highlight exactly that to the audience

Carole’s Bio
She says *this* about her life and struggle with weight and healthy life balance
“I was put on my first diet at the age of 11 and have ridden the crash diet roller coaster and fad exercise regimes for the better part of my life. I probably have lost and gained the equivalent of 2 adults over the course of my life journey. I watched as my mom, at the age of 68, lost her 10-year battle with breast/ovarian cancer and I was told that this could be me. That they weren’t sure if the disease could’ve been passed on. So I vowed that I would do all I could to do. All. I. could.
3 years ago I began what started out to be a weight loss journey (which I shared in a video blog) but it turned out to be the biggest learning curve of my life. I lost weight and gained weight. But something else happened too.
I took on my tallest fears, jumped in front of the camera and survived. All of this brought me here; to you”