Are You Creating the Wrong Video?

Do you ever wonder why the video production expert asks you where your video will eventually end up? Did you know that the different social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Linked In and Instagram are desiged and marketed to different crowds? For instance … Let’s Review some of the differences between Youtube and Facebook video 1.   Facebook … Read moreAre You Creating the Wrong Video?

Is Vlogging (Video Blogging) Really Necessary?

The Question Now …isn’t “Why is video good for my business?” There are enough people and statistics out there explaining the value of video.  If you’ve somehow been hiding under a rock and haven’t heard of the benefits, here is a brief recap: Video IS… 1.   Beneficial for auditory, visual and movement/touch people alike. 2.   … Read moreIs Vlogging (Video Blogging) Really Necessary?

Blogging with Lists is a thing of Beauty

Let’s make a list about why writing informational lists works for your Blog! 1. You can catch people on the go That person checking on their Twitter or Facebook during their subway or bus commute can check out your blog even with one or two stops left until they depart. 2. Short attention spans Most … Read moreBlogging with Lists is a thing of Beauty

Put yourself “out there” and they will come!

Repeat after me: I am interesting, I am worthy, and gosh darn it people want to get to know me! As a brand or persona, this is what we must repeat to ourselves. Who are the most interesting people on Facebook and Twitter? Who do YOU want to follow and get to know? I can … Read morePut yourself “out there” and they will come!