Speaker Sizzle Reels


What is a Speaker Sizzle Reel?

Speaker Sizzle Reels (also known as demo reels, pitch reels, highlight reels) are 1 – 3 minute videos that combine visuals, audio, and messaging to create an impactful stylized overview of a speaker’s talent, brand and delivery. Sizzles are crucial to help convey key messages and style to get a speaker booked for their ideal gig.

A speaker’s sizzle reel can be classified as different things: video sizzle reel, demo reel, pitch reel, pitch video, highlight reel, highlight video reel, media highlight reel, montage reel, montage video, video montage, video pitch, video teaser, promo video, promotional video, video promo, upfront reel, marketing reel, PR reel, overview video, overview reel, promotional advertising video, exhibition video, show reel, introduction video, talking head video or presentation video.

What Media Do I Need To Submit?

Very simply you will need at least 3 video examples of your on stage presence in the following video formats .mp4/.mov/.mps .

Pictures are always great to have and they can be submitted in the following formats : .jpg/jpeg/.png

Lastly we will require your logo(if you have one) and contact information that you would like to include on the back slide.

How Much Does This Cost?

The base price of our sizzle reels start at $500 CAD plus HST(For Ontario Residents only).  This provides you with a reel 1:00 – 3:00 minutes in length where clear audio, visual is submitted.   It allows you to submit at least 3 video examples (and up to 5) no more than 7 minutes each in length.